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With nearly twenty years of work experience, Colin Brown is an expert at building teams, leading strategy, scaling operations, and developing people. He has recruited, interviewed, hired, trained, and coached hundreds of employees across the globe. 

His stellar work experience spans from early-stage startups--pre-Series A with a few people--to global companies, including Fitch Ratings, Google, and Facebook. He has extensively partnered with career changers, executives and business owners. 

His work experience includes consulting, finance, technology (artificial intelligence, AR/VR), 7-figure revenue generation and sales, global people management, and service leadership. 

Helping people is his passion, but his unique ability is recognizing the strengths in everyone he meets. He helps package and articulate their skills to thrive professionally and achieve their personal and financial goals. He understands the job search, interviewing, and hiring process inside and out. He knows how to shape individuals to maximize their chances of success in any role and company.

Colin Brown draws from his global experience to build plans on how to succeed. He has lived and worked internationally, including in New York, Madrid, Singapore, Malaysia, and Tokyo. He also speaks English, Spanish, and Japanese. 

As a Principal of Job Services Online, he enjoys driving its direction and vision and helping its clients reach their full potential.

He graduated from Brown University with a B.A. in international relations. He served as a member of the Ivy League Council Alumni Board and the Brown University Board of New York. 



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Mock Interview

$574 / Hour


Simulate the pressure and structure of interviews from leading companies 


 Includes case studies, software tests, roleplay, and financial analysis

 Immediate feedback on your answers with actionable insights to improve

 Purchase in 30 minute increments

 2+ hours, receive FREE scorecard ($79 VALUE) used by leading Fortune 25 companies to evaluate answers 

 4+ Hours, simulate multiple round of interviews to practice stamina, energy levels, and your mental clarity


Deluxe Package



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 Brand New Resume

 Comprehensive Cover Letter

 2 Biographies for Social Media

 FREE 15 Minute Consultation with a LinkedIn Expert

 30 Minute Mock Interview and Feedback with our Interview Experts



Basic Resume Review 



Fast and comprehensive review by EXPERTS to ensure you have created your best resume 


 2 Business day turnaround - Guaranteed

 Professional Proofreading and ATS Friendly for formatting analysis

 Expert Grammar and Spelling Review

 FREE PDF with tailored tips you can implement immediately 




Super thrilled by the results and working with the experts at Job Services Online.
It gave me a lot of confidence as I haven’t looked for a full-time job in years.
Things have changed so much and Job Services Online made it so much easier for me.


I used Job Services Online to write my resume and cover letter and received a number of interviews and job offers using their work.
Highly recommend!! 


I love the service.
This was quick and effective and I got two interviews in a week! This turned out much better than I hoped!

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