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Can You Benefit from the Great Resignation?

job hunting resignation Mar 10, 2022
Resignation being signed

What's unique about the great resignation?

In reality, not much has changed for the average job seeker. It means that a job swap is occurring between people with jobs. If you're planning to quit your job and you're trying to change positions, you're swapping your role with someone else looking to do the same. For example, people at top companies are looking to move to other leading companies.

But what if you're trying to join a leading company and don't currently work at one? You need to elevate your professional marketing materials. People are changing jobs, yes, but you need to ensure you are competitive in this job landscape. People switch jobs to looking for the same caliber job or higher. No one is looking to move down.

Suppose you want a new role, and your competition is already working at a leading company?

In that case, you need to ensure your resume, cover letter, and strategies to get through applicant tracking systems are solid. You need a second or third pair of eyes to review your materials to ensure you are setting yourself up for success.

Someone is already proofreading your resume, cover letter, and job applications, right? If not, Job Services Online can help. Check out our store for resources.

 Ensure you are marketing yourself to your fullest potential by highlighting your skillset to showcase your talents to reflect what the hiring manager seeks. In addition, highlight why you're better than most people who apply for this role. The rule of thumb for a hiring manager is if they're going to hire a person, then that person needs to be at least 50% better than the people already at that company.

Are you 50% better? At Job Services Online, we believe you are.

 Show in your resume and during your interview that you are 50% better than the current staff. You need to quantify your achievements and tailor your detailed successes to the role you seek.

In addition, you need to show why your achievements can solve the problems the team you seek to join wants to solve. How do you figure out what problems the position is looking to solve? It starts with looking at the job description, the team, the company, and the relevant landscape.

For example, if you're looking for an operations job, specifically customer service, you should know a few things. A customer service manager is looking to improve the customer experience at any company, whether by managing the team, setting KPIs, or developing processes. When tailoring your resume, use this knowledge to reflect how you can solve the job role's problem. Do this type of analysis across all companies. There are best practices for customer service regardless of the experience level, irrespective of the company.

Next, you need to utilize your knowledge and define success for this role. Afterward, you can tailor your resume to reflect these insights, improving your chances of getting an interview exponentially. By highlighting your achievements using this format, you can tailor your resume to show how you would solve the problem, such as by creating a better customer service experience. And by highlighting this explicitly, you're able to stand apart from the crowd and be competitive against your peers from these top companies.

It's a lot of work to do this consistently. That's why it helps to have career experts at Job Services Online who understand the breadth and depth of each role to help you reach your goals. You need to reflect these values in your resume and throughout your conversations through the interviewing process.

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