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How to Relocate and Find a Job Abroad in 2022

resume Apr 05, 2022

Hiring managers don't want to waste their time with people applying for jobs who have no intention of moving to that location. The trick to looking for a new position overseas is to show that you're qualified and illustrate your intent that you're looking to live abroad. That's the most crucial concept. 

 You need to either state within your resume that you are willing to relocate or show that you are serious about living in that location within your cover letter. You can also add the address of a family member who lives in the area. 

 If you don't have any ties, you need to be a little more creative to show the intent that you're looking to move to that location. It helps to reach out to a Job Services Online career expert to show how you can reflect that you are trying to leave your current job for a new role in a different location. 

 The reasons you might want to reallocate are numerous, but you need to explain the most compelling one. In addition, clearly articulate that you're serious and committed to moving to that location. You would be able to thrive in that location and, most importantly, thrive in that job. You must recognize that if you don't speak the local language, you need to look for jobs where the language isn't required or show your willingness to learn the language. For example, you could show you're enrolled in language school, taking private language lessons, etc.

You need to emphasize your dedication to staying in that location long-term, either by knowing the language or illustrating you have ties there. In addition, show you're willing to stay at that job long-term and can do a job well. 

Once you show that you can live in a location and have the right qualifications for that job, you need to follow the standard process for applying for the role.  

 Resume Structure

Each country has an unspoken standard format in which job candidates highlight their accomplishments. However, companies rarely enforce these rules today because employees, candidates, competitors, and customers are global. There are many exceptions to the "accepted" resume structure / CV rules, so the format is less important as long as you convey that you have the experience. For example, it's perfectly acceptable to attach a picture to a CV in some countries in Asia. If your experience is strong, you might get a pass for not doing it, especially if you're a foreigner. But if the language requires fluency and the job post is in that language, you need to have your resume translated. Again, experience supersedes formatting in everything. You're golden as long as you can articulate why you are the right fit for that job. 

Finally, there are a lot of misconceptions about the visa process. In reality, companies grant visas all the time. If your government allows you to work in that country, and if it's a big enough company, the company can sponsor your visa. It's simply a little bit of extra work on the company's part. But once you get the company to fall in love with you, they're more than willing to put in the work. The visa sponsorship infrastructure is usually already in place, so it's not too many additional costs. The trick is to find companies that sponsor visas.

A company sponsors visas because they want the best talent from all over the globe. Tailor your strategy to companies that are more receptive to giving work visas, such as larger or more established companies.  Although many startups and small businesses have the infrastructure to grant work visas, local laws might have a few  additional requirements that the startup must pass.

Finally, companies might help cover your overseas moving costs as well. If it's a larger company, they will likely help with the relocation costs. If it's a smaller company, you might need to negotiate this benefit. 

 Whether you apply to a large or small company, everything moves forward after the hiring manager falls in love with you. After you establish your ability to show you are committed to staying in this location long-term, your priority is to land an interview with the hiring manager. Jobs Online will prepare you through every stage of the hiring process. 

Don't focus on the visa. You need to focus on making sure your resume and interview skills are strong, and you can show that you're the best person for the role. Afterward, everything else, from the visas to the relocation strategy, will fall into place. Job Services Online can help you with each one of these pieces.

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