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career assessment coaching resume May 20, 2022

Job Services Online's Premium Career Assessment gives you career advice for today's competitive market. 

For example, let's suppose you enjoy taking online quizzes that give insights into your personality type or career interests. These recommendations are vague by nature. If you enjoy talking to people, the generic advice might be to explore a career in sales. However, there are many paths to a successful career in sales--tech sales, inside sales, outside sales, engineering sales, consulting, business development, venture capitalism, etc.

If you enjoy teaching, it might recommend that you become a teacher. However, you can utilize your teaching passion in several different ways that are fulfilling and lucrative. You could be a trainer for a large corporation, become a manager, and coach (or teach) your direct reports.  

These online quizzes don't give actionable steps for you to take to reach your long-term goals and are underwhelming by design.  If you have a career goal of becoming a president of a non-profit, what steps do you need to take in the interim to make this happen?

At Job Services Online, with certain services, you'll gain access to our proprietary career assessment and a career expert to help you flesh out these next steps in your career.

We will give you a step-by-step plan to reach your end goal. We provide recommendations in the context of existing positions in today's competitive market and how to set yourself up for success within the ever-changing tech landscape. Our experts will build you a career path to become that next startup CEO, tech executive, or senior accounts executive if that's your desire.

Questions we'll help you answer include: 

  • Which role should I take next?
  • What type of career should I build for myself? 
  •  Which industries should I consider? 
  • What kind of company will I thrive in?  

These are precise questions that require deliberate answers and intentional actions.  

There are high costs to making the wrong choice. You could inadvertently work within an awful culture, have poor work-life balance, be underpaid, or have a lousy boss. If you want to invest in your future to ensure you're on the right career path and desire a step-by-step guide defining how to reach your long-term goals, you need to work with the team at Job Services Online.

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