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The Best Way To Quantify Your Accomplishments

hiring managers job hunting quantifying resume Apr 21, 2022

One of the biggest misconceptions when sharing your accomplishments when applying for a role is how to quantify your experience. Quantifying your experiences with any set of numbers isn't enough-- you need to know how to quantify your experience with the correct set of numbers. The numbers you choose need to be metrics that reflect the right amount of impact for what the company seeks.


What is impact? Impact reflects the scale of your accomplishments and efforts that led to outsized results. To determine impact, you need to assess the level of impact the role requires. Next, you need to quantify your accomplishments and skills to reflect this level of impact.

Suppose you've had many achievements, but the successes you demonstrate aren't at the necessary level of impact for the role. In this case, it doesn't matter how much you're quantifying these achievements. You most likely won't get the position, unless you can prove that you have the potential to execute on the proper level of impact to a sympathetic hiring manager.

In addition, risk-taking and failed projects are all sources of learning. What if a project you worked on failed, or the impact you demonstrated didn't lead to a successful outcome? Then, it's still essential to highlight the level of action you undertook and quantify your efforts during the failed project.

To be successful, you need to figure out the right level of impact to quantify it through your skills and achievements. You then need to ensure that this impact translates across your resume/CV, cover letter, social media profiles, and throughout each round of interviews.

How To Quantify

You can utilize job descriptions and knowledge about specific companies to figure out how to quantify your work experience. 

Suppose you're looking for an entry-level software engineer position. In that case, your level of impact needs to reflect your basic knowledge of engineering frameworks, your willingness to learn a new programming language, and your desire to continue to upskill your current baseline knowledge. Similarly, if you're looking for a manager or director-level role, the level of impact needs to reflect these more senior requirements. It's not just about quantifying; it's about quantifying the right amount of accomplishments to reflect what the hiring manager seeks.

It's a lot to figure out, but it's required to succeed. 

Job Services Online will help you with quantifying your achievements. For example, you might perform at a manager level, but your resume only reflects entry-level impact. With the purchase of the Resume Creation Package, you gain immediate access to our online portal to evaluate your skills. A career expert will then work with you to figure out exactly how to demonstrate the right level of impact for the roles you want.

Remember, it's not just about quantification; it's about quantifying the right amount of effort that causes the right amount of results, reflecting the amount of impact that the company seeks. This is no easy task. People inside these large companies also struggle to define their impact, especially during yearly evaluations.

Job Services Online will help you every step of the way to ensure that you're quantifying the proper amount of impact to help you reach your goals. 

Want to learn how Job Services Online can speed along your job search and get results? 

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