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Top 5 Qualities Hiring Managers Look For In A Resume

hiring managers qualities resume Jan 31, 2022
Reflects the the top qualities hiring managers look for in an resume

Candidates submit thousands of resumes for one job posting. Busy hiring managers spend less than 30 seconds on a resume to meet the volume. Assuming you passed the Applicant Tracking System that most companies use, how does your resume stand out to meet these expectations? 

Attention to Detail 

Your resume needs to be free from spelling and grammatical errors. You should also ensure your resume is easy to read and lacks glaring formatting issues. 

Tailored To Fit Job 

You should tailor your resume to the job description. Keywords from the job description should be sprinkled throughout the resume so that your resume mirrors the job you seek. This process allows you to bypass applicant tracking systems and shows the hiring manager that you can do the job. Ideally, you should have a unique resume for each job position. If you don't have the time or dedication to create one, then, at the very least, you need to have a unique resume for each job classification. 

 For example, are you applying to be a manager? An operations leader? An account executive? Your resume needs to clearly show you possess the skills that reflect the position you seek. The more specific your resume is to the job, the better. Still, you should not use one resume for wildly different roles or industries. Take the time to create a resume that highlights your achievements with the job description. 

Relevant skill sets

Your resume needs to emphasize why you're the best fit for the job. Make sure you have clearly illustrated relevant skills within your resume. 

 The hardest part is that most people are terrible at marketing themselves and figuring out what they're good at or what unique skill sets they offer. For example, this might entail creating a section that points out your product management skills. Ask a friend, a colleague who knows you, or a business professional to help you brainstorm all of your abilities and the accomplishments you've gained, regardless of their sizes or impact. A hiring manager wants to see whether you can do the job. Show this clearly in the resume with quantifiable results. 

Easily Readable

People can get wildly creative with their resumes, but functionality beats creativity at the end of the day. A hiring manager quickly needs to see whether you can do the job, so they can quickly decide whether to learn more about you by bringing you into the interview. 

Make this easy for the hiring manager. Resumes that are wildly unique or uses color ineffectively won't win you the job. It might look good on Instagram, but a hiring manager is simply pattern matching. They're simply looking for clues quickly in your resume that illustrate you're capable of doing the position. 

As a result, having a functional resume that clearly shows your relevant skills and accomplishments is the best bet. The effective use of white space, headers, bold fonts, and the right amount of digestible text for each bullet point are crucial. 

Dazzle your hiring manager in person during the interview with stories that illustrate your creativity and the successes you've had or through your LinkedIn profile.

Relevant Recent Position 

The first thing that a hiring manager looks at is your most recent position. Make sure that it's thorough and clearly illustrates applicable skills that you could use for this job. If it doesn't, create a resume that clearly shows your most relevant skills at the beginning. A hiring manager spends the most time at the top of the resume. Ensure that the person can quickly glean the necessary information, compelling the person to reach out to you for an interview. 

Remember, a resume is simply a marketing tool to get you an interview. Ruthlessly eliminate anything that doesn't serve this goal. You want the hiring manager to see why you may be the right person for the job, and your resume should push them forward to seek an interview with you. 

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