Mock Interview Session - 1 Hour

Practice with a Job Services Online interview expert to simulate the pressure, intensity, and structure of interviewing at a leading company, like Google, Goldman Sachs, Boston Consulting Group, or General Motors. Our mock interviews simulations include case studies, software tests, financial analysis, management and leadership assessment, mock sales pitches, and SO MUCH MORE, depending on the nature of the role. Gain the confidence needed in going into your real interviews.

In addition, receive immediate feedback on all aspects of your interview, including assessing the quality of your answers, tips on your camera and lighting presence, and eye contact levels. 

The key to any good interview is preparation. Preparation requires practice. You must know the company, the role, and your skillsets to showcase how your talents align with the position and persuade the interviewer within a short period. 

Purchase mock interview sessions in 30-minute increments.

Recommended: 1 Hour Minimum

4 Hour+ Interview Mock Sessions:

You will simulate multiple rounds of interviews. It is best for anyone who needs practice ensuring they have the stamina to maintain proper energy levels, conciseness, and mental clarity through marathon interviewing sessions. 

Any 4+ hour interview session will simulate multiple rounds of interviews so that you can practice answering questions through tense, stamina-building interview scenarios. 

 All sessions occur on Zoom, and Job Services Online records every session for quality assurance. 

Each Mock interview session will include:  

✓ Immediate feedback on the quality of your answers and concrete, actionable insights on ways to improve 

✓ Immediate feedback on your answer delivery and pace

✓ Immediate feedback on your home interview setup, including camera angle and lighting

✓ Immediate feedback on your dress/attire given the role and company culture

✓ Purchase in 30-minute increments. Please note, if you purchase more than 2 hours, you will receive our FREE Comprehensive Written Feedback Scorecard that you can use to improve your skills.

What Clients Have Said:

Super thrilled by the results and working with the experts at Job Services Online. It gave me a lot of confidence as I haven’t looked for a full-time job in years. Things have changed so much and Job Services Online made it so much easier for me.

Tate M. - Senior Operations Leader

$574.00 USD

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Job Service’s Online Written Feedback Scorecard ($79): 

 Receive comprehensive written feedback on your interview using similar candidate evaluation scorecards and ranking used by top Fortune 25 companies (such as Meta, Google, McKinsey).

 The scorecard is FREE with purchases over 2 hours within a mock session. 

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