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An Operational Leader

 Total Pay Increase $150K+


Prestigious Global Company


Great Work-Life Balance

The Winning Resume 

His Success Story

The Need For Change

Christopher worked at a tech company for four years in an operational role. He had received .085% equity in the company that vested over four years. The company had just received its second round of funding for $25 Million and was growing and hiring quickly. Christopher took more on and demonstrated his senior leadership and led complex operational projects. Still, he felt he had reached a wall in his career. He has seen the multiple iterations of company growth, having been the third employee, but believed he was approaching the ceiling of his professional growth. 

However, he was swamped and needed support in orchestrating a career transition, having been out of the market four years.  

Seeking A Career Partner

Through a connection, he reached out to Job Services Online to see how they could help. He instantly connected with an expert who intuitively understood his story and goals and was eager to begin working with him. After completing an extensive career assessment, he partnered with Job Services Online to build his marketing materials. These materials showed the right impact for the next step in his career.

Christopher didn’t know what he wanted to do next, however.

He used the resume and cover letter from Job Services Online to apply to other startups.

He scored interviews from five startups and, within 45 days, landed a new Director-level job, raising his base salary by $45,000 and allowing him to report directly to the CEO. 

Christopher's Investment in His Future

After six months and a lot of stress in the new Director role, Christopher reached out to Job Services Online. He wanted some tips on how to work at a top 5 tech company with better quality of life and established processes. 

Christopher invested in five one-hour interview coaching sessions with a Job Services Online career expert. He utilized Job Services Online to build another version of his resume and cover letter. Job Services Online highlighted his latest experiences in the context of the rest of his career. Additionally, they utilized the latest industry techniques to pass complex software that big tech companies use to weed at applicants.

He felt confident that he had the best chance of landing an excellent role at a tech company through his intentional preparation and investment in himself. 

“I was distressed but glad I had the team at Job Services Online in my corner.” 

Christopher went to a top 5 tech company’s job board, submitted his application, and waited. A week later, a recruiter from this company reached out to him, and he began the interviewing process.

After six rounds of interviews, Christopher landed a significant senior role, with $195K Base, $80K to $210K Bonus potential, and shares worth $80K+ that would vest over four years, not to mention laundry service, free meals, massage bonuses, and other benefits.

Christopher was thrilled and felt relieved that he had found Job Services Online, as he got everything he wanted at this stage of his career. 

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